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Greetings and welcome to HeeDeeStudios! I’m a London native who developed my first website at the age of 11, using Webs Website Builder.

Over the years, the website landscape has evolved significantly, and so have my skills. I’m on a mission to design and create stunning websites for clients around the world, while also assisting them in maximizing revenue through SEO and marketing.

Our team has grown, and we now have a studio located in Maida Vale, as well as an office in Mayfair. With more than 200 websites under our belt and still counting, we’re committed to providing exceptional service to every project that comes our way.

If you ever spot me in London, don’t hesitate to approach me for a chat about websites!


Nawed Wahedi



Below you will find examples of some of our prominent projects that we've worked with in the past year

With over 190k+ Tiktok followers, we're pleased to have worked with Canadian fitness superstar Monika. We've helped build her website from scratch that helps promote her fitness and nutrition plans - from the ground up.

One of the City of London's oldest cigars stores, Smokers Paradise needed an online platform to help sell their cigars. We developed them a clean, looking website that helped resemble their City store. Their store has aided them with their sales to busy city workers who can now order world-class cigars from the touch of a button.

With over 16k followers on Instagram, Dog toy innovator Tim Maggs was in need of a better way of marketing his new invension the "Tugmutt" on his store. We helped give his website a redesign, helped him rank higher on Google and now his sales have boosted with only a few months worth of work.

"We are very happy with the results!" - Tim Maggs (Tugmutt CEO)


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